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Tequila Penasco Anejo by Steve Coomes


May 28, 2014 by M.A. "Mike" Morales


The Ohio Valley’s schizophrenic spring weather has had an unexpectedly

positive effect on my home liquor cabinet. Since it’s been too warm for the

furnace and too cool for the air conditioner, the house temp has averaged

about 75 degrees for two months. And one of the most notable beneficiaries

is Tequila Penasco Anejo (the bourbon has benefitted, too!).


Sipped somewhere in the mid-70s one evening, the blooming butterscotch and

cooked agave nose was brilliant. A good bit more swishing elevated vegetal notes,

hints of mint, lemongrass, and aguamiel. Since temperature raises alcohol volatility,

I remained wary of vapor burn. Still, walking that fine line between elegant fragrance

and fire was worth it.


The flavor of this spirit, rested 14 to 16 months in oak, was bright and brilliant, launching with all the predictable barrel notes of vanilla and light caramel, even touches of chocolate. Held in the mouth, the añejo delivered lush floral notes backed by cinnamon and some straw. After swallowing, that rumor of chocolate reappeared and then dissolved into bruléed sugar, butterscotch and toffee. Given a brief nap in the glass—and trust me, it’s hard to put down—this expression offered up orange peel, wood and again butterscotch, joined by coriander.Lush floral notes backed by cinnamon and some straw in @tequilapenasco

Some spirits lose their body when warm, but not this one. It was full and coated both glass and mouth evenly, always generous and soft to every surface. Vigorous swirling of the golden expression yielded numerous narrow legs lined up and evenly spaced as the Rockettes in action. Think that’s a bit much? Have a look for yourself. (Maybe it was the glass?)


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